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What can I do if I messed up an angle?: Here's a 2-second lightroom fix

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We all know our angles… Or, at least I hope we do. You know, get down to eye-level to shoot kids, tilt down a bit to flatter adults, down-the-nose for newborns.

But once in a while, you’re in this situation that’s happening super fast and you just shoot from where you are… and get a winner shot but from an angle that bugs you.


So friends, what do you do when you mess up your angles?

I’m Fraidy Shimon, owner of Peppermint Photography and The Editing Bootcamp, and this week’s tutorial is a 2 second lightroom fix.

I’m gonna turn this over to my screen now so you can watch me work. I have these images open in lightroom, you may want to open an image in a similar situation on your computer so you can work along with me.


there you go!

I hope you liked this tutorial and that it was helpful to you! Please share it with friends who can use it, too! Sharing is caring :)

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Bye for now, see you next time!



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