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Posing with Purpose - posing ideas for children

Posing With Purpose is for You If...

You're a photographer who wants to direct your clients and photoshoots with ease and confidence, no more scrambling for pose ideas seconds before each session.

You want to understand how posing really works instead of just 'winging it'

You're ready to create strong compositions that pull the viewer's eye into the frame and then doesn't let them look away.

Whether You're...

a true beginner who's just starting out in your photography career...


an experienced photographer wanting to enhance your understanding of what makes a great pose...

You've come to the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how Posing With Purpose will give you the secrets, skills, and knowledge you need to create incredible compositions and direct your sessions like a boss.

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Posing with Purpose posing course

Up your posing game! Learn the core principles behind what makes posing work to help your clients look their best and create stronger compositions that demand attention.

Posing with Purpose is not just a collection of posing ideas. Rather, it’s a comprehensive program that’ll teach you the 3 Primary Functions of Posing and the core principles behind how they work, so that you can create an infinite number of poses.

I know that this workshop will change the way you see things and help you direct your clients and photoshoots with ease and confidence.

I hope you join, and cannot wait to watch you discover your talent!


By the end of this program, you will:

Understand the 3 Primary Functions of Posing and how to set up your subjects in a way that meets all of them

Be confident about your poses and able to quickly pose client on a job.

Direct your sessions like a boss with ease and confidence

Know how to utilize posing as a way to express emotion, create incredible compositions, and bring magic to life.

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learn to create poses like these