Before I Tell You About This Awesome Bootcamp, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

 You're a photographer with no shortage of artistic vision who is tired of comparing your RAW files to everyone else's edits and berating yourself for not measuring up. You are ready (so ready!) to take the vision you have in your head and teach your fingers how to bring that to life on-screen.

You're frustrated with trying techniques from here-there and everywhere and are looking for a solid, tried-and-true workflow that gets the job done.

You want to be confident in your ability to create consistent edits that people recognize as your style, even without a watermark. 

Whether You're...

a true beginner who has never touched photoshop before...


an experienced editor looking to nosh some tips on how to make your edits look more like these,

You've come to the right place, and I'm going to tell you exactly how The Editing Bootcamp will give you the skills, processes, support, and inspiration you need to get edits like mine.

Curious about how one course can cater to both beginners and bosses? We have separate segments to serve each, you can attend one or both depending on your needs. See more about Segments here.

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The Editing


Take your images from 'meh' to magic and give your clients painterly pieces they will beg to pay for.

Up your image editing game! This 10-week, hands-on course teaches you my exact step-by-step personal workflow in easy-peasy baby pieces, so you can master your edits and confidently create consistent artwork that your audience easily recognizes as your style, even without a watermark.


By the end of this program, you will be:

Super comfortable in Photoshop, with an efficient workspace setup conducive to image editing

In love with Lightroom and your ability to cull and sync image edits super-fast in it

A master at working with layers and masks - so well, you could do it in your sleep

Effortlessly rocking head-changes and background swaps

Skilled in my favorite method of smoothing skin to believable perfection, without it looking fake and plastic-y

In on the beautiful secret of enhancing definition to create painterly edits

Skilled in using textures and overlays to enhance, not detract from your vision

Adept at crafting your own, personal sequence of your favorite styling and overlay techniques

Editing with a consistent workflow for consistent results

Confident that you can create magical edits, every time


learn to create edits like these


"Fraidy is my #1 Teacher! In just a month, my pictures went from looking nice to being WOW!


I now produce magical artwork and dreamy looking images. I immediately saw my clients recognizing the work and paying more for additional images to be edited.


Thank you Fraidy for your hard work, patience, and trustworthiness - I know that when you promise results, you deliver! 

- Gitty Fligman

student work - Gitty Fligman

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Some of our Awesome Student Work +

what people are saying about The Editing Bootcamp

*all photos in this gallery shot and edited by students of The Editing Bootcamp*


my promise to you

Not convinced you can actually see results in 10 weeks? I'll be totally honest with you - you can do it even faster.


By the end of the first 30 days, you'll have received access to the first 4 modules - that's all of Segment One. Meaning, by then you'll have already gotten comfy in Photoshop, done a head-swap, learned how to use curves, and how to do quick adjustments in Lightroom.


 Here's my promise to you. If at the end of those first 30 days you don't feel like you're getting it, or think editing is not for you, simply reach out, show me you've done the work, and I'll refund your investment. See full details here.

It's a big promise because I know I can deliver. Because I have a tried-and-true curriculum. Because I have awesome students to prove it. And because I believe anyone can create magic.

I believe in magic, and I believe in you. do you?

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bootcamp details

This bootcamp is divided into 2 segments, so if you're a total newbie - Segment One has got you. And if you've been editing for a while now,  start in Segment Two - no need  to go back to kindergarten lol! Either way, I've got your back!


In Segment One, I teach you all the skills you need to successfully navigate Photoshop and Lightroom as an image editor. Set-up, tools, selection techniques, brushes, adjustments, and blending modes, using layers and masks, curves, liquify, frequency separation... All broken down in easy-peasy baby pieces, even if you've never touched Photoshop before.


Segment Two teaches you "How I Roll." In it, I take you through my entire editing process from start to finish. I'll teach you my exact step-by-step workflow and how I consistently use it for all my images to attain consistent, magical results.


The entire bootcamp is very hands-on. In each lesson, you'll be following along using the same files as me, and by the end of the course you should be able to consistently create edits that look as beautiful as mine.


Pre-recorded classes let you learn on your own time, but are dripped on a specific schedule so you're always learning the same thing as your fellow campers. That makes for great support on our private chat and accountability pods!


Classes dripped Mondays, June 14 - Aug 16


Live, 2x weekly Q&A sessions

(always recorded so you can replay on your own time)


Incorporate and master
your skills with weekly
practice projects and live homework review hotseats.

Lifetime Access - learn at your own pace


Referral Program: With
each friend you bring, get
$100 cash back for both
of you!

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Get in before Registration closes June 10!

Access additional Peer Support via our students-only chat and private Accountabilty Pods

Learn on your Level:


Separate Segments mean  you get all the deets you need if you're a beginner...

But don't need to go back to kindergarten if you're more advanced

"You so easily taught me this method... that had always seemed so complicated when I tried learning it in the past"


Thank you so much for this free tutorial!


I love your editing style and your work in general.

Yesterday as soon as I had a chance, I tried it out on 2 of my photos, you explained it so well

(I tried learning this method but it seemed too complicated when others taught it to me... I'm a easy and fast learner but somehow I never caught onto it. I sometimes get annoyed when ppl explain things too much but your teaching skills are perfectly balanced)

I had to say thank you as soon as I could. I'm too excited about the results!

Thank you,

Draizy from Photogenic Pics

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Got more questions? Want to talk before you register?

 I'm offering free 10 minute phone calls so that you can get to know me, address all your questions and concerns, and make sure Image Editing Bootcamp is the right fit for you before you register.

Click here to schedule your call with me.

"After years of frustration, I've finally got it, thanks to your action!"


Thanks so much for the skin editing tutorial and action! This is something I tried a few times int he past but never created the action so I didn't really use it. I just tried to blur it a little but thanks for sharing your action it made me want to use frequency separation and it made me want to create more actions!

Devorah Grossman,


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what's inside:

bootcamp curriculum


Image Editing - The Fundamentals. 

Before you start editing Images, you need to understand what image editing is all about. What exactly is your job as an image editor? Learn more about what your goals should be, and the 2 biggest things to always keep in mind.

Photoshop Orientation 

For the newbie editor, photoshop can seem like an overwhelming space. One of my students told me, “I opened the program and all I saw were stars, lol”. It’s funny, because it’s got more than a speck of truth in it… But with the right teacher, photoshop can (and should!) be a breeze! In this lesson, I’ll help you orient yourself to Photoshop and learn your ideal photoshop layout:

where the toolbar is, and where the menu options for each tool are located.

where the windows panel is

where the adjustments panel is

       … and what each of those do.

I’ll also teach you how to customize your workspace efficiently in a way that suits you, so that you can get more done, more easily

The Basics

Learn  different ways to open a new document in photoshop, and how to make sure that your image is high resolution and in the right color space.

Learn how to save your images, what different formats are meant for, and when to use what.

Working with Layers

Understand thoroughly how layers work to build the magic and create different effects by:

Using blending modes to create natural looking overlays.

Duplicating layers to keep a backup layer in case

Merging selected layers to as needed

Grouping layers to keep your layers organized and help you stay efficient .

Using layers for non-destructive editing

How to flatten all layers and when you might want to do that


(even if you’ve never touched it before)

The great wonder of MASKING and how to make it second nature

Tools of the Trade You Absolutely Must Master, Before We Get to “Tools of the Trade”

The simplest explanation of masking you’ve ever heard

Why masking is the most efficient and effective way to edit

Quickly hide or show parts of a layer

Work with the non-destructive method of editing

Get familiar with the move tool, hand tool, zoom tool to help you navigate through the entire image editing process.

All about the erase tool… and when not to use it

Learn how to use brushes and different ways of how to adjust them. 

Quick shortcuts to adjust the size, shape, and softness of your brush

Flow vs. opacity

How to change your brush colors

Learn how to use the adjustments to create solid color overlays.



Get a full tour down the toolbar

We’ll go through all the tools so you know how and when to use them. Here’s a rundown of what my favorite tools can help you do:

Selections - almost half the things in the editing process start with selections. It's one of the biggest things you need to master in many different ways so that you can get results. There are many different selection methods, and the faster you get to know which to use when, the easier editing your images will be for you.

Learn how to pull off perfect head-changes and background changes

Rulers and guides - and how they can help

Get rid of spots, blemishes, and people in the background using everyone’s all-time favorite tools

Learn how to crop images to size and still maintain high resolution.

Understand light and color and how to effectively manipulate them in Photoshop is the foundation of your work as an image editor.  In this module, I’ll take you through the art and science of light and color and how they work together. This will help you:

Adjust contrast for more punch or more softness

Remove color casts

Get perfect skin tones

Add color or light to stylize the image

Change colors to whatever suits your fancy

Adjust the white balance and tint of your image to warm or cool images as needed

Color Grade your images for beautiful stylistic results

Whiten / Brighten teeth

This module is also where I take you through filters and panels, to learn techniques that are all kinds of cool, like:



How to pull and prod at your image to remove double chins, take in bunchy clothing, widen smiles, do nose jobs, liposuctions, slim people down, fix your posing… It’s the miracle filter!

Different filters for blurring parts of your image - which ones to use (and how) - and which ones to stick away from so you don’t get that fake, “I blurred this in Photoshop” kind of look.

Filters that sharpen you image and prep it for print

Frequency Separation - how I use it to smooth skin to believable perfection - without losing the texture (none of the fake, plastic-y looking, overeditied skin thing!)

Learn the History panel which enables you to go back to your previous work. 

Learn how to use Actions in the actions panel