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Shoot-to-edit part 5: adding beautiful depth and drama to your images

Hey photographer!

Welcome to my weekly tutorial. I'm Fraidy Shimon from Peppermint Photography and The Editing Bootcamp! This week is part three of our series about light. We're going to be talking about sidelight and why I love it. I love sidelight because it adds so much depth and dimension to the image.

So some simple examples of sidelight are when the light is coming from the camera side. If it's from the side of the camera, it doesn't matter if it's through the front side or backside of your subject. As long as it's coming from either side of the camera, the light is considered sidelight. You can see how over here, the light is coming from the door on the side of the camera and it's lighting up exactly half her face. It's introducing all these interesting moody shadows on the other half of her face, another good example of sidelight, the light is coming from the side, lighting up her face, and we have a really nice shadow on the other half, here we go, again, light is coming from camera side. It's actually hitting the front

of my subject's face, but it's still considered sidelight. One side is beautifully highlighted and the other part is beautifully shadowed.

Those are some examples of sidelight. Go out and practice your game on sidelight, and I'll see you here next week with my favorite kind of light, which is backlighting, and also some tricks to make things easier when you're shooting with beautiful light coming from the back. I'll also tell you why I love it so much and why most of my images over here have some sort of form of backlighting in them.

Now, if you enjoy this tutorial, there are three ways that you can support me and let me know. Number one is, tell me, literally just replied to this email and let me know that you enjoyed the video. Number two is to tell a friend, share this link with a friend and let them sign up to these emails as well, helped me spread the love. The third way you can support me is by Googling, and just tell the world, leave a Google review. It can be something as simple as, Hey Fraidy. I get your free emails and I love them. Just make sure that you're subscribed to my email list so that you get the rest of this series! Bye for now. I'll see you next week!



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