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Shoot-to-edit part one: how to get spot on focus in your images

Hi everyone!

This is Fraidy Shimon from Peppermint Photography and The Editing Bootcamp with another awesome tutorial for you. This tutorial is about four things to keep in mind, while shooting so that your edits are more fun and a lot easier. When you keep these four things in mind, while shooting, you get to skip all the basic mistakes that you have to fix in-camera and move on to just the cool, incredible styling painterly edit without the nitty-gritty boring work. All right, so let's dive in. This series is almost like a mini course. I'm going to explain the first of the four things in a little bit more depth today, and then we'll dive deep into the rest, over the next couple of weeks. I'm really packing in the value here for you. So if this is helpful for you, I'd love to ask you to do one of three things. Number one hit reply, and let me know. This way I know you want to hear more from me next week. Number two, leave a Google review and let the world know. Just Google peppermint photography by fraidy and put in a Google review. Let me know. Hey, I'm signed up to our email list. I get these awesome editing tutorials and I love them. This is what I learned.

Number three, option three is to share the email sign up with a friend that's a photographer too, or that might want to learn how to shoot and edit better so that they think they can gain from this as well. It helps me and it helps them.

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All right, so let's get straight into it. There are four tips that I want you to keep in mind while shooting so that you get the easiest time editing. Tip number one, which is kind of self-explanatory, but you really have to concentrate on it, is the focus. You want to make sure that the images that you're getting are sharp and that they're kind of worth your edit. Don't waste your time in an edit where the subject is out of focus. So the goal of you as a photographer is to pull the eye into your subject. And the number one way to do that is to make sure that your subject is literally in focus. So if you have a mirrorless camera, the eye tracking is amazing. So just make sure that you're focusing on the eye. If you are on any other camera, you want to make sure that you're moving the AF focus points. AF is auto-focus. And when you look into your camera, you press that little button in the back. Look into your camera, you'll see these little red boxes. When you move this little wheelie on the top, it lets you know where the camera is going to focus. You want to make sure that you're aligning at least one of those little red dots with your subject. Then here's the part where you really have to concentrate. Tell yourself focus, focus, focus, press the shutter halfway, and then shoot. Do you know what helped a couple of my students? It's just literally remembering to concentrate on this. So I don't know if you remember, and I don't know if I'm dating myself, but when I was little, we used to have these bop-its. Bop it, pull it, twist it, right, spin it! If you did something wrong on it and you got out the bop it used to say focus, concentrate, right? So that's what I like to tell myself. I always have this voice in my head if I'm going too fast and especially, you'll notice a lot of the images where the kids are laughing and they're doing the cutest thing if a lot of those images are out of focus, you have to remember to slow down. So tell yourself, focus, concentrate, right? Have that bop it voice in your head telling you focus, concentrate. So when you're tempted to just shoot on repeat and keep the shutter pressed down because the kid is doing something cute, remember that all of these shots could be out of focus. So do one at a time, just press the shutter, halfway focus, concentrate, then shoot. That's tip number one for today. That's it for now, see you next week!



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