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infant documentary

They start so small…
And grow so fast.
   You turn 
and suddenly -
 they’re not infants anymore
but little people
and you wonder -
   ...where did that newborn fuzz go?

And then
when all you do
     is run after them
picking up their messes
and thinking how

      “they’re so big!”
you have the memory
of those first few delicate days

   of the peachy fuzz you

   buried your nose in


           of the tiny toes

           you loved to tickle


     of how warm and fragile their

     tiny bodies were...

And you can melt all over again.​

session information

The goal of a newborn session is to document the miracle of new life and create memories to last a lifetime.

In my images, I aim to mimic the environment your baby came from - the womb.

Babies are placed either in their mother's arms, or on soft, neutral toned blankets for a beautiful, simplistic, and cozy feel.

I never use other props or wild colors, as I feel that detracts from the naturally wonderful and ​peaceful quality of your very loved baby.


safety and hygiene

Your baby's safety is paramount and is the first thing on my mind during our time together.

I am highly trained in handling and posing newborns gently and safely.

I know many tricks and techniques that can make it seem as if the baby is being held aloft, or suspended on a hammock, etc. while in reality your baby is never lifted off the beanbag.

Your baby should never, ever be put into an uncomfortable or dangerous position for the sake of a photograph.

All our blankets, outfits, bonnets, or bands are washed and sterilized before each session, and we keep lots of Purell on hand to keep germs at bay.

a peppermint promise

When you book a session at Peppermint Photography,
you buy quality.
You buy art.
You buy service.
I will hold your hand throughout the process -

from booking, to

how-to-prepare-your-baby and


to choosing from my collection of teeny tiny outfits, wraps, and accessories...

to a lovely, peaceful, sun-filled session...

help curating your collection...

all the way through delivery and installation of your heirloom wall art.
I want you to be pampered and spoiled throughout.
Because at Peppermint Photography, it's more than just a session.
It's an experience.
You are guaranteed to love it!
And that's a promise :)

reserve your due date :)

As a photographer, I pride myself in top-notch service and in putting my all into each and every shoot.


That's why I take only a limited number of sessions per month, which book up far in advance.


To ensure availability, it's best to call with your due date 2-3 months in advance. I will pencil it in and make sure to leave room for you 1-2 weeks from your due date.

book your session

I would love to hear from you!

Please call me for investment information and to schedule your session.

I'm looking forward to documenting your little miracle!

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