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an advanced course for beginners to photography

Photography Camp 2022

Beyond the basics:

More than just the basics - this comprehensive curriculum covers how to create emotional images that tell your story

Beyond the Basics teen camp is the most fun after-work program for frum teen girls! Learn photography in a fun program that incorporates outdoor activity like wading in the creek and through the woods to get to shoot locations. Gain new skills, new friends, and newfound confidence in a supportive group of teens just like you!

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Photography Camp 2022 covers art foundations like mood, tone, and proper composition, technical skills on how to use your DSLR, the exposure triangle, how to set your camera to gain the look you want; beyond basic lighting skills, posing and angles, and how to put all these together to capture authentic emotion and tell your story.​


Classes will take place on location at the Peppermint Studio and surrounding grounds in our Chestnut Ridge Location, and will incorporate outdoor activity like wading through the creek and scouting the woods to get to locations for field work and shootouts.


Entire Program is in-person for a fun and wholesome hands-on experience


Active fieldwork and shootouts to apply new techniques on


Incorporate and master your skills with daily practice projects.

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Referral Program: With
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$100 cash back for both
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Runs weekly

Tuesdays in July
6:00 - 8:30 pm.

Bonus Class for Graduation & Camp Certificates on Monday, August 1

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Limited slots available!

Apply early to reserve your slot.



Week 1: Foundation

(July 5, 6pm - 8:30pm)


  • Discovering theme, tone, and mood - how to bring out the emotions you want in any scene.

  • Focus - 5 ways to eliminate distractions and pull the eye to the subject.

  • Three things to plan before every single shot

  • Composition: Rule of thirds, Leading Lines, how to (and how not to) crop your image.

  • Studio Work


Week 2: How to use your DSLR

(July 12, 6pm - 8:30pm)


  • The Exposure Triangle

  • Creating soft, creamy backgrounds

  • Capturing movement​

  • Field Trip - Exposure Triangle Experiments


Week 3: Writing with Light

(July 19, 6pm - 8:30pm)


  • Basic Lighting skills:

  • Understanding light and shadow

  • Understanding hard and soft light

  • Understanding Direction

  • Shooting indoors or outdoors with natural or ambient light


  • Field trip and Model Shoot: Natural Light Outdoors

  • Learning how to spot and use beautiful pockets of light




Week 4: Telling an authentic story

(July 26, 6pm - 8:30pm)


  • Posing and Angles

  • Understanding the significance of different angles and how they affect the emotion conveyed in your image.

  • How to work with kids: Capturing Genuine Moments

Week 5: Bonus Meet - Graduation!

(Monday, August 1, starting at 6pm)

Homework review, Graduation, and Camp Certificates

To register, please download the application, fill it out, and email it to

I hope you join and can't wait to watch you discover your talent!

With love,

Fraidy Shimon

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