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information packet

hi, thanks for stopping by :)

I appreciate your interest in working with me, and am super excited to create beautiful art of your family.

I've created this information packet for you because the way I work is very different than most other photographers, and I want to tell you all about it.

infant documentary

They start so small…
And grow so fast.
   You turn 
and suddenly -
 they’re not infants anymore
but little people
and you wonder -
   ...where did that newborn fuzz go?

And then
when all you do
     is run after them
picking up their messes
and thinking how

      “they’re so big!”
you have the memory
of those first few delicate days

   of the peachy fuzz you

   buried your nose in


           of the tiny toes

           you loved to tickle


     of how warm and fragile their

     tiny bodies were...

And you can melt all over again.​

2_IMG_4161-Edit-Edit-2 copy.jpg
session information


The goal of a newborn session is to document the miracle of new life and create memories to last a lifetime.

In my images, I aim to mimic the environment your baby came from - the womb.

Babies are placed either in their mother's arms, or on soft, neutral toned blankets for a beautiful, simplistic, and cozy feel.

I never use other props or wild colors, as I feel that detracts from the naturally wonderful and ​peaceful quality of your very loved baby.


how it works

CONSULTATION: Let's plan it all!

Your photography session should be as unique as you. I want to hear all about how you want your baby to be photographed. A quick visit to my home studio will make planning your dream shoot so much more fun! You'll get to see where the magic happens, touch and feel each product to see what suits you best, and plan which outfits you like so we're all set for when your baby arrives.


I'll pencil in your due date, and you'll call me as soon as the baby arrives so that we can capture all that curly, sleepy goodness.

THE SESSION: Trust me, it's fun!

You just show up and trust me to do the rest! I want this to be a magical time for you. You'll get to rest on my couch while I photograph your little one. I've years of experience photographing newborns, and with unlimited patience and no time limit on the session, there's no reason for you to stress. You will love our time together!

Note: I also offer in-home newborn sessions upon request - so that you don't have to worry about getting out with your little one.



VIEW & ORDER: It's showtime!

Sit back, relax, grab a tissue. Moms need it! This is where everything comes together. In my awesome software, you'll get to see all your images in a beautiful slideshow. I'll help you narrow down, choose images, and show you how different sizes will look on your own wall. Being in my studio makes ordering a breeze - and the best part is that everything is customized to your liking.

Ordering artwork has never been more fun!



When I was a kid, my mom had a full closet of framed photographs we were never allowed to touch. They finally got installed on the wall when I started out in photography... I want you to enjoy your images right from the start, without having to nag your better half for weeeeks ;) All final wall art is delivered and installed by licensed professionals, so you don't have to.

safety and hygiene

Your baby's safety is paramount and is the first thing on my mind during our time together.

I am highly trained in handling and posing newborns gently and safely.

I know many tricks and techniques that can make it seem as if the baby is being held aloft, or suspended on a hammock, etc. while in reality your baby is never lifted off the beanbag.

Your baby should never, ever be put into an uncomfortable or dangerous position for the sake of a photograph.

All our blankets, outfits, bonnets, or bands are washed and sterilized before each session, and we keep lots of Purell on hand to keep germs at bay.


give yourself the gift that keeps giving

Infant Documentary Details:

Each Session Includes:

- a personal pre-session consultation to discuss how you want your baby to be photographed

- a 2-3 hour session in state-of-the-art studio

- full set of poses in arms and on beanbag

- use of my exquisite collection of itty bitty hand-knit outfits, bonnets, headbands, and wraps

- a personal ordering session 2-3 weeks after your session

with 15 - 20 images to choose from

- professional and artful post processing

- Exclusive fine art products to choose from

The fee for each session is $299

Travel to your (Monsey) home available for $175

Parents are always invited to every session.

We love highlighting the love and connection you have for your new baby.

IMG_2802 copy_2.jpg
WELCOME, BABY - family sessions

Each Family Session Includes:

- a personal pre-session consultation to plan all the details of your shoot.


-wardrobe design and help choosing a location​


- a session date for natural light, lifestyle photography in your home or on location. The entire family is invited: Mom, dad, siblings...

- No time limit - I shoot until I'm satisfied


- a personal ordering session 2-3 weeks after your session​


-25-30 images to choose from


- professional and artful post processing​


- Exclusive fine art products to choose from

The fee for this session is $299

*This session includes lifestyle poses of the baby being held and in natural spaces around the house / studio. It does not include beanbag poses.

Prints and products are ordered a la carte, and are not included in the session fee.

view the full product menu and pricing below

art should last a lifetime

I believe in creating fine-art heirlooms that you can enjoy forever and pass down the family line for generations to come.

That is why I handpicked only the very best, archival products printed at state of the art labs with cutting edge technology.

loose prints & albums
Individual prints and albums range from $60 - $150 per image, depending on size and finishing options. 
the heirloom box
The heirloom box is available at $148 - $190 per matted image, depending on quantity.
wall art
Wall art ranges from
$350 - $2298
depending on size and product type.
All wall art is ready to hang and includes installation by licensed and insured professionals.

Most clients spend about $1200 on their final newborn portraits. Of course, this is completely customizable - you choose exactly what you'd like to order, and you won't make that final decision until you see your portraits.

i invite you

I invite you to experience an Infant Documentary session with me.

It will make your heart melt a million times over.

The ideal time to photograph newborns is within the first 6-10 days of life, when they're still sleepy and curly, so it's best to book as early as you can.

Book your dream session by scheduling a consultation call.


I can't wait to get to know you!


hey, mama!

i'm fraidy. i'm a photographer.

  I know what magic looks like. I can see yours. I know how to bring it forward, and how to capture it with my camera. I also know what it's like to be a mother of children who are growing up too quickly. I know how they make your heart burst with joy (and some other things, too) and how you want to hold on tight and let them fly at the same time. That is why I have made it my mission to create the most magical portraits you have ever had of your family. I want to create artwork for you that is emotional enough, exquisite enough, and timeless enough to be handed down the family line as treasured heirlooms. Time flows like water, and there's only one way to freeze it. This is your story. Let me help you remember :)

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